Episode 16

Bee medicine. Stefan Stangaciu talks to LB about Apitherapy and its role in a new pandemic world

A matter of weeks before the release and roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines, we spoke to leading Apitherapist, Stefan Stangaciu about the huge progress in research relating to honeybee medicines; particularly propolis. Apitherapy is all about the health that comes from bees (Apis) and the hive.  Stefan has 29 years experience in this area.  Our lives have been transformed by pandemic, leading us to search urgently for new drugs, vaccines and remedies.  We look to multinationals and powerful corporates for answers; but the bee’s clever strategies for disease mitigation and control pre-date ours by millions of years.  Their ability to cope, adapt and survive is a sobering example to us as humans.  Perhaps now we can draw on their experience and benefit from their medicine; reviving what our ancestors already knew.  More information plus the Zoom recording on www.livingbeeing.com.  Stefan’s website: www.apitherapy.com.