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This is a podcast about bees. Stand still for a few minutes in any flower garden in spring or summer and immerse yourself in the buzz of insects.  Look closer and you may single out one of the 270 or so species of bee we share this land with; the mining bee, mason bee – or even the cuckoo bumble.  Look closer still and you may then spot a few honeybees busily exploiting the nectar and carrying pollen from flower to flower. Sadly though, many of these species are in decline. And they need our help. 

Through an awe-inspiring audio journey, this podcast series brings to life the love of bees. It lifts the lid on a world of fascinating behaviours and wondrous endeavours. Who knew, for example, that to produce a pound of honey, a colony of honeybees must visit 2 million flowers? Or that a bumblebee with a full stomach is only ever 40 minutes away from starvation.

We talk to many people who’re passionate about bees, from entomologists to botanists, scientists, beekeepers, honey experts, historians, artists and api-therapists.  The podcast is accessible to everyone, as a non-technical, entertaining and informative adventure into a part of the insect world that has been a source of fascination and inspiration for millenia.

This is a podcast about bees. If you are a bee expert, have an angle you would like to discuss or are just passionate talking about bees and would like to contribute to the podcast, please contact us.

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